About Me

Meet Dr Fatumina - Female Empowerment Activist. Success Coach and Motivational Speaker. Creative. Humanitarian. Award-Winning Scientist. Today Fatumina is a highly qualified success coach specialising in leadership development programs for women. Her commitment to increase the female talent pipeline in male dominated areas has led her to be recognised for prestigious awards, including the WISE Rising Star Award conferred by the Princess Royal, the New Outstanding Stem Inspiration Award and the Financial Time’s Top Influential Woman in Engineering. She has coached female leaders across several areas including business & finance, education, law, medicine, social media and STEM. Fatumina’s commitment to empower women ‘to believe in themselves’ and ‘go after their goals’ through a tailored approach, makes her one of the most sought after personal and success coaches in the field today. Originally trained as an Engineer at UCL, she has developed financial and commercial acumen to rise expeditiously through the ranks which then led her to work on multimillion pound projects in her role of global business lead in clinical trials. Fatumina is also a period educator and an advocate for period leave. She will soon be releasing her first non-fiction ‘menstruation’ book to destigmatize periods. Fatumina’s ability to not just change but create a conversation around periods - through her internet comedy skits and educational content - in places that still treat it as a ‘taboo subject’ is unprecedented. In 2020 she cofounded and became the COO of Baytulmaal Al-Fagih - a non-profit dedicated to alleviate poverty in Yemen and Somalia and soon to be expanding globally. Currently Fatumina runs skill workshops and training sessions helping women succeed in their niche. She uses her expertise and life experiences in her 1-to-1 coaching to help female leaders develop a winner mindset and the strategy to reach their goals in all areas of life. Fatumina also provides career consulting services, PhD assistance, she engages in public speaking events as a motivational speaker and works with organisations advocating for diversity and inclusion.